What We Do

Strategy, creativity, execution— working together like clockwork to promote and protect your issue and brand.

Advocacy Media harnesses the tools of the digital age to monitor the online space, raise the volume, change the conversation, and leave an impression. And we deliver measurable results so you know you're making an impact, and understand what people are saying online about your interest.

  • Digital

    We attract audiences, surface ideas, and hammer home points with multichannel, integrated marketing and communications across the digital spectrum.

  • Insights

    In a converged media world 2.5 quintillion bites of data are created every day. We listen, we benchmark, we audit, we contextualize and turn data into actionable information.


We unite core capabilities to drive your effort.

  • active video
  • digital influencer outreach
  • contextual monitoring
  • crisis response
  • online grassroots
  • responsive design
  • SEO & SEM
  • social advertising


Suits, Sandals, Eggheads.

Our versatile team unites ideas, technology, and energy to drive exceptional campaigns.

  • Chase Rearden, Associate

    Chase Rearden

    An alumni Hokie fan, with her heart in Fenwick Island
    Who loves Pinterest and hanging with her dogs

  • Emily Shuttleworth, Associate

    Emily Shuttleworth

    Devoted South Carolina Gamecock who loves football, food, fashion

  • Julia Rothenberg, Associate

    Julia Rothenberg

    "There are no rules"

  • Matt Aleshire, Senior Associate

    Matt Aleshire

    Newly Married Man
    Hardboiled Crime Fiction Fan
    District Resident

  • Michael R. Goodin, Creative Director

    Michael R. Goodin

    My one true art, my
    Medium is Media
    Good thing too; can't paint…


We talk, we write, we meet. We love to kick around ideas. Reach out and start a conversation.

Advocacy Media
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What the satellite shows.